MD Message
For long used to a protected business environment, Bangladesh business & Industry is now exposed to the challenges of a substantially free market economy. The ongoing process of liberalization will affect most business; the size & the scope of our economy require that we integrate into the global mainstream.
Over the years, we have established a presence in areas where Bangladesh has inherent strengths in the global context. The demonstrated ability to manage well diverse business, using professional management & financial acumen has resulted in the Group enjoying a fine reputation in the market place.
In the years ahead & as the process of liberalization & reforms continues, there well be many opportunities for international partnerships; It is these partnerships with complementary skills & strengths that will be at the heart of our strategy for the future. In such endeavourers our guiding principles will still be those for which the
All Round Knitwear LTD
is Known: fair & ethical; trust & integrity.

K. M. Sharif Zaman
Managing Director

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